Classical Reading Competition

March 17, 2017

On Wednesday 15 March, a group of Paulinas attended the Classical Association Reading Competition at Queen’s College. It was a very successful day: the UIV team of Inaara Hall, Jan-Chidi Ikuobase (right) and Jiawen Li came first out of 15 teams performing a comic Latin scene, winning gold; joint silver was achieved by both Emilie Pauwels and Tallulah Guard in the VI (centre), reading, respectively, a Greek poem about a grasshopper and a speech by Virgil in which Dido implores Aeneas not to desert her; and Nicole Man in the VII (left) won joint gold for her performance of a passage from Tacitus encouraging soldiers to mutiny. The students enjoyed listening to the many different interpretations and hearing these languages aloud, as they are meant to be experienced.

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