2017 Examinations Results

August 17, 2017

Many congratulations to all of our students on their fantastic achievements in the 2017 public examinations which are the culmination of their hard work and commitment and the dedication and expertise of their teachers.

Our students have excelled at GCSE and IGCSE again this year; 92.5% of entries attained an A* grade and 99.2% achieved an A* or A grade. This is the fifth consecutive year that the proportion of entries achieving an A* grade has exceeded 90%. Fifty-nine girls have attained straight A* grades in all of their GCSE/ IGCSE examinations.

We are delighted to announce that 47.2% of entries attained an A* grade at A level or the Pre-U equivalent D1 or D2 grade. 85.2% of entries achieved an A* or A grade and 97.4% a B grade or higher. We are particularly thrilled with the results from our first sitting of Pre-U examinations in English Literature, French and Mandarin Chinese with 84.8% of entries gaining an A* equivalent D1 or D2 grade and a remarkable 41.3% achieving a D1 – a grade that exceeds the A* standard at A level.

We wish our leavers every success as they move on to university.

Download a copy of the A Level and Pre-U Results for 2017
Download a copy of the GCSE and IGCSE Results for 2017

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