Active Debate Competition

June 1, 2020

Recently several SPGS teams took part in a virtual debating competition, Active Debate. Rosanagh, UIV, tells us more about the experience:

With the rest of the world adapting fast to the ‘new normal’, debating has had to change too. Rather than gathering in university or school lecture halls around London, we have been confined to our small screens. However that has not dimmed the enthusiasm for debating, and the online Active Debate competition was a resounding success and a great tribute to the way that we have all managed to make the best of this new situation. After a day of interesting motions and very competitive debates on Saturday, all 3 SPGS teams placed in the top 8 teams (out of 32) and made it to the semi-finals on Sunday where we debated the motion ‘This house would require students to stay in (or return to if they attended university overseas) their home country for a set period of time to work after graduating’. After a lively round, SPGS MC (Maya, LV and Christina, V) made it to the final where they debated against three older teams from Eton. Sadly they didn’t come out on top but everyone learned a lot from the new experience of debating online. It was great fun. Thanks to Madame May for organising the SPGS teams – SPGS MC, SPGS CR (Cassia and Rosanagh in UIV), and SPGS CC (Cristina and Christiane in UIV).

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