African Prisons Project

October 15, 2019

Over the summer term of last year as well as this half term, students from the V have been working to curate an exhibition in collaboration with the African Prisons Project. The exhibition, which was titled Changemakers: Education and Freedom and held on Tuesday 8 October, contained artwork by prisoners from all across East Africa as well as pieces created in response by students from our school. The works were made on wide variety of themes and were bright and colourful, but also highlighted the hidden difficulty and turmoil underlying the artwork. Any proceeds from the event went towards the African Prisons Project charity and our school bursary fund. It was really inspiring to hear talks from Alexander, who founded the charity, and an old Paulina who benefited from a bursary. Overall, we learnt a lot from the experience, which culminated in a lovely evening.

Radhika, V

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