Back to school

September 11, 2020

We were delighted to welcome all our Paulinas back on site for the start of term. Rosanagh, LV, tells us how it feels to return to school:

It’s school but not as we knew it! Returning to school after more than five months away has come as a shock to the system for me and everyone else who got used to the lack of routine and late mornings of lockdown. But it is brilliant to be back. Of course, seeing friends in person and getting back on the lacrosse field have been amazing, but there have also been many more, unexpected benefits about coming back to St Paul’s in real life. I, for one, had not realised how much I missed school lunches until I had my first mouthful, sitting next to my friends with a room full of chatter in the background. The pandemic continues to make its mark on many aspects of our day to day life: wearing masks, sanitising desks, one-way systems. These are just a few new and important aspects of school life that we are all learning to adapt to. But even though what lies ahead is unclear, there is one thing we can all agree on: it is great to be back!

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