VI Berlin Trip

November 6, 2019

Ms Kindermann tells us more about the VI’s German adventure:

During the half term break we embarked on this exciting trip; the weather was delightful, the company was great fun and we were excited to discover the hidden secrets of this great city. Every morning we had German lessons with VI boys from St Paul’s School, and every afternoon we toured Berlin with our excellent native tour guide, Frau Kindermann. She grew up with the oppressions the wall presented in East Berlin up until 1989 and provided us with a deeper insight into the wall’s prevalent impact. For dinner, we explored the traditional German cuisine with lots of Wiener Schnitzel and Sausage. One evening we went to Klärchen’s Ballhaus, an old-fashioned entertainment venue, to join a free dance class and got so busy practising our new dance steps that we almost forgot to eat dinner. Perhaps the most memorable part of the trip was the private tour of the Reichstag with a glimpse of German parliament in session. All the girls were sad when the trip ended but are excited to see how the GLS German lessons as well as the cultural experiences throughout the week have helped us to develop a deeper understanding of the German language and its people. 

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