Charterhouse Climate Conference

June 22, 2020

Anne-Amélie, VII, a member of our dedicated SPEAC team, describes this valuable environmental conference:

Over the course of this week, Paulinas had the opportunity to attend an online environmental conference hosted by Charterhouse School. I attended a total of five talks across two days, and very much enjoyed the experience. Not only could we listen to professional speakers of very high-calibre backgrounds in sustainability talk about the work they carry out in their field, but we also had the chance to interact with them through questions online after each talk. One of the aspects of the conference that was most interesting to me was the diversity in perspectives of speakers; they hailed from all over the world and each viewed the climate crisis from an individual standpoint. From seagrass restoration for marine conservation to climate science models and the mathematics of the environment, the wealth of topics covered meant that after each talk, I had learned something new. One message that pertained throughout every lecture I attended was that of the importance of young people as the leaders of the fight against climate change- I felt a motivating sense of community transcending generations from all speakers. They all conveyed that the contributions of young people are crucial to positive future environmental change, which only highlights how our actions as a school community can truly have an impact. Overall, I found the Charterhouse conference a very fulfilling and valuable experience, as I am sure all participants did; we can definitely take away a lot of new knowledge and motivation for action. I would like to thank Dr Tipton for giving us the opportunity to attend, all the speakers, and Charterhouse for hosting!

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