Creative Projects

April 17, 2020

Members of our school community are finding many inventive ways to keep cheerful during remote learning. Lovely images shared by Cassia, UIV (above) show the creative activities she and her neighbours have been enjoying, from making origami rainbow wreathes to decorating pebbles with positive messages. Cassia’s mum has also created a website,, to share music inspiration and creative challenges.

Rosanagh, also UIV, decided to make the most of the time at home by starting to learn British Sign Language. In the video above she signs ‘Hello my name is Rosanagh. I am learning BSL.’ What a great idea!

Manahal, MIV, has been creating pictures with positive messages, such as the example above, which she has been putting up in order to cheer up walkers passing by her house.

Riona, UIV, has been keeping creative remotely by working on her artwork – what lovely designs!

Music projects have also proved popular during remote learning. Jacqueline (MIV) and her sister, both members of the National Youth Orchestra, recently participated in its #NYOdetojoy ‘play along by the window’ initiative, dedicating their performance to all key workers and everyone affected by the current pandemic.

Music scholars Tian and Francesca managed to stay in touch musically by remotely producing a great performance of two movements from Warlock’s Capriol Suite.

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