Dads4Daughters Day

March 16, 2018

On Thursday 15 March we celebrated the second annual Dads4Daughters Day with two events, firstly a breakfast for 170 fathers and daughters from the LV-VIII. We also welcomed two alumnae – Nilam Patel, who works in banking, and Lauren York from The Times – to speak about their experiences. This year’s discussion was dominated by the gender pay gap and our fathers and daughters discussed possible solutions to combat this, in order to achieve greater gender equality in the workplace. At lunchtime, our own Miss Robinson, of the English department, interviewed her father, Nick Robinson (former BBC political editor and now Today presenter). A particular highlight was when Nick re-told the story of when he was interviewing Senator George Mitchell at the height of the Northern Ireland peace negotiations and was interrupted incessantly by a two-year-old Alice banging on the door!

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