Debating Club

September 29, 2020

Following the success of the new initiatives launched during remote learning last term, Debating Club continues to flourish in a hybrid real/virtual format. Francesca, UIV, updates us on their progress so far:

So far this academic year in debating, we have done multiple zooms, lectures and meetings, where we have looked at comparative argumentation and how to correctly formulate a solid and persuasive speech. We also had a look at comparative probability and at different techniques and helpful tricks such as the debating ‘delta’ structure. In addition to this, every Friday we have content classes over Zoom, where a speaker is usually invited to talk about and discuss topics with us – all of them covering diverse range of ideas, such as the value of art in today’s society and how AI could become intertwined with art in the near future. I would like to thank Ms May for making all of this possible, and giving us all this fantastic opportunity to learn about new aspects of debating.

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