Debating Round-Up

July 7, 2020

Mme May reflects on this year’s debating achievements:

Debating Society has had a more active summer term than ever before thanks to relocating online, and the squad is in great shape. Coaching has carried on at full steam with our external coach for the seniors, and the brilliant V and VI Paulina coaches for the juniors. We have entered several online competitions, allowing a large number of our debaters to gain further experience and hone their skills towards next season, and also helped set up a tournament , the Lockdown Debating League, together with Dulwich, Wellington, Eton and Westminster. Kitty and Creagh, VI, reached the grand final of the U18 version, whilst Christiane and Rosanagh, UIV, finished the U15 event with a considerable 8 points out of 9. Kitty did us proud again in reaching the grand final of the Saskatoon World Schools Debating Competition last weekend, having joined a team from Eton – an amazing achievement, given that they were against the Canadian national team!

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