Debating Round-Up

December 17, 2019

Our debaters have had a very successful recent run. At Birmingham, Kiersten & Anya, V, won a tight final, defeating Kitty & Creagh, VI, who were in proposition. At Warwick, Vicky, VII and Abby, VI performed superbly, defending children’s rights, in a final that also featured Creagh & Isobel, VI. Additionally, Kohana was placed 4th best speaker. The LSE tournament was incredibly competitive, with 100 teams from all over the UK. Creagh & Abby are to be congratulated for reaching the final. Well done also to Maya, LV, who was awarded best novice speaker. The ESU Mace team of Vicky, Creagh & Abby got off to a flying start in the first round as they persuasively argued to end trial by jury. The squad is in good spirits as we approach the main debating term.

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