Diversity and Inclusion welcomes Kadra Abdinasir

May 17, 2021

On Wednesday 12 May, during Mental Health Awareness Week, the Diversity and Inclusion department were delighted to host the webinar ‘Racism and Discrimination, what’s mental health go to do with it?’ with guest speaker Kadra Abdinasir. Kadra shared insight form her work in policy and research at the Centre for Mental Health and the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition about the mental health issues specifically faced by people of colour. Discussing racism through the ‘Four Is of Oppression’, Kadra shed light on the problem of internalised racism; the beliefs reinforced through media, news and culture and the effect this can have on mental health. Through a video from one of Kadra’s projects, we were privileged to hear directly from young people on the impact of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter, including comments of racial abuse feeling ‘traumatising’. The talk ended with a Q&A, which led to some stimulating questions. There is still a way to go in challenging the racial inequalities in the mental health system and in destigmatising mental health in black and brown communities. Kadra urges us to keep having these open conversations.

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