Dr Howard Bailes Lecture

June 27, 2014

On Wednesday 4 June, Dr Bailes, who is retiring from teaching this year after almost thirty years of extraordinary service, gave a lecture on the middle years of the school’s history (1940s to 1960s) to a Great Hall packed with OPs, staff and current parents and girls. It was a wide-ranging and witty talk which touched on the High Mistresses of the period, curricular developments, the changing appearance of Paulinas [that thorny issue of whether there ever was a uniform?] and also their career destinations. Miss Evans, also – as she put it – a ‘fellow lifer’, gave a delightful testimonial making reference to his ‘particular kind of attentiveness’, his twenty trips to the Battlefields and scholarly precision. A reception was held afterwards in the dining hall; it was wonderful to see so many who had been touched by his teaching return.