Drama Platforms

November 17, 2020

Budding actresses of all ages are getting the opportunity to try out their pieces for an audience in our online Drama Platforms. Natalie, Arianna and Lulu, UIV, discuss the experience of performing via Zoom:

Our online drama platform was a compilation of monologues and duologues from our year group, filmed in advance and then screened on a Zoom call to keep others safe. The Covid situation really stretched our acting limits, but it was a great way to adapt to acting in different places and scenarios. We found it interesting, although tricky at times, to have to practice via the phone and learn the lines off the screen rather than an actual hard-copy! Surprisingly, it was actually a lot easier to perform our pieces to a camera than to a live audience, so that was a massive bonus!  All in all, thanks to the hard work of the drama department staff and the dedicated audience, the experience was great fun and very rewarding. We encourage any student, whatever their interests, to take part in future platforms.

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