Drama Theatre Trip

February 19, 2020

Drama students enjoyed a trip to see The Welkin, a new play by Lucy Kirkwood at the National Theatre. Elise, VII, gives us her thoughts on the play:

James McDonald directed Maxine Peak in the lead role of Lizzy Luke, a midwife and pillar of their 18th century rural Suffolk village, and Ria Zmitrowicz as Sally Poppy, a young woman convicted of the murder of a little girl and sentenced to hang. Along with Luke, 11 other women are called away from their homes to debate and decide whether Poppy really is pregnant, as she claims to be, and should therefore escape execution. The production explored several themes central to our own world today: women’s struggles, the British justice system and religion. It inspired discussion around both the themes themselves, and different ways in which opinions on such topics can be expressed through theatre. Throughout the play, the actors were also accompanied by a beautiful and innovative set design, creating stunning stage pictures; the whole production made for a wonderful evening out. 

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