Drama Virtual Theatre Trips

December 3, 2020

To enable students to engage with performance even during lockdown, the drama department has organised a programme of virtual theatre trips. Laila, V, tuned in for a recent streamed production:

V and VI drama students were fortunate enough to attend a virtual viewing of Wolf, written and performed by Lewis Doherty. The audience was plunged into Shadow City, where Detective Jay’s death was being investigated by ex-partner Patrick Wolf. In this masterclass for multi-roling, Doherty performed every character and created every sound effect by himself, with minor assistance from descriptive lighting and music. This action-packed hour and a half featured everything from moments of underwater slow-motion to fast-paced fight scenes and we, the audience, found ourselves so immersed that we forgot that there was only one actor. Should the show return to Nottingham Playhouse or any other theatre, I would gladly watch it again and highly recommend it.

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