Film Week

March 27, 2015

This week was Film Week, an artistic celebration for all the budding directors and cinephiles amongst the students. The festivities commenced with an animated flipbook workshop which you can view here, followed by a school-wide vote to select our favourite film. The MIV-LV voted The Truman Show, with The Parent Trap and The Theory of Everything in second and third places; for the V-VIII Sweet Home Alabama was chosen as favourite, with Good Will Hunting in second place and The Parent Trap and The Grand Budapest Hotel in joint third place. For the staff there was no winner as no film was voted for more than once – what an eclectic bunch! The week did not stop there. Students and staff alike were treated to a screening of Dr Bailes’s compilation of historical film clips featuring St Paul’s itself, and then the annual Backtrack Film Festival, which took place on Wednesday, showcased a range of students’ music video interpretations. The winner was Natasha Feldman in the MIV with her original video of the song ‘It’s all about me’, which you can enjoy here. Finally, the week was wrapped up with a brilliant and interactive display of the texturised films that students in the V created with Nina Dunn, the school’s Artist-in-Residence, a few weeks ago.

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