French Debating Competition

February 18, 2021

This year SPGS hosted the London French Debating Competition for the 10th year running. Calista, VII, discusses the event:

Three teams from SPGS took part in the French Debating Competition: Andreana and Giorgia, VIII, Georgia and Grace, VII, and Calista and Katinka, VII. Although we couldn’t debate in person, the event went ahead on Zoom with lots of enthusiasm and 40 teams participating from 25 different schools. We enjoyed debating topics ranging from the threat of AI, to the feasibility of green economic growth. Katinka and I were delighted to participate in the “Finale d’argent”, finishing in fourth place. Thank you to our adjudicators from the Swiss Embassy and the French Institute, and congratulations to the team from Henrietta Barnett, who won the gold final.

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