Friday Lecture

September 28, 2020

With masks, social distancing and streaming in place, our traditional Friday Lectures are back and in full swing. Maddie, VII, tells us more about the most recent instalment:

Last Friday Bronwen Maddox, OP and director of the Institute for Government, delivered a fascinating lecture on her career in journalism. She regaled us with some highlights, including her award-winning investigation of the notorious Robert Maxwell at the Financial Times and a chance encounter with Putin in 2007. But what really struck a chord was her reassurance that it is possible to pursue a career in something as demanding and fast-paced as journalism without forgoing children; Maddox’s own daughter is in the VIII here at St Paul’s. All I can say is that if any of us manage to achieve half of what Maddox has, we would have a lot to feel proud of.

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