Greek Play 2017

March 23, 2017

On Wednesday 22 March, the Singing Hall was transformed in a crash of thunder to a desolate ravine, where Prometheus was chained as a dissident of the tyrant Zeus’ new regime. His crime? The compassion he had shown for the human race, including bestowing on them the gifts of fire and civilising arts. During the play he was visited by Oceanus, a sympathetic sea captain and Io, an unwilling lover of Zeus changed into a heifer and damned to eternal wanderings by Zeus’ jealous wife. Throughout, Prometheus was comforted by a chorus of the Oceanides, who also acted out tales of Zeus’ fight for control of the Universe and the help that Prometheus had given to mankind. The performance ended as it had begun, in a crash of thunder, with Prometheus and the Oceanides doomed by Zeus’ herald Hermes to be imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus.

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