Hangzhou Trip

November 25, 2019

Over the half-term, five budding linguists and Chinese culture enthusiasts travelled across the world to spend ten days in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Here, Madeleine, VII, tells us more about the trip:

During our stay in Hangzhou, we were honorary residents of the Hangzhou Dianzi University, staying on-campus accompanied by five English-majoring buddies. Whilst in Hangzhou, we were able to immerse ourselves in the expansive and rich Chinese culture, and develop our linguistic skills with native speakers. Our time in Hangzhou included multiple school visits, notably the Wenhui School, attended by deaf and hard-of-hearing students, where we participated in many activities, such as an art class, culinary class and form time. We were also warmly received at the No.4 High School, where we were given the opportunity to show off our farming skills (!), digging up yams and taro root, many bags of which we were generously gifted subsequently. The atmospheric ‘Impressions of the West Lake’ show was also a memorable experience. This was followed by a brief stay in Shanghai, where we were able to experience China as tourists, visiting the Bund and getting the opportunity to view Shanghai’s magnificent skyline from the Shanghai Tower. Overall, this was an incredible experience, both culturally and linguistically, and we’d like to thank Mrs Shao and Mrs Fussner for accompanying us and making the experience so enjoyable.

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