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January 23, 2015

Everyone here at St Paul’s Girls’ School is delighted with the outcome of VIII university applications so far this year. Many universities have been quick off the mark to respond, and the majority of girls are now holding offers from their first choice universities for 2015-16 entry. Some 50 girls were successful in being made offers by Oxford (29) and Cambridge (21), which is close to the school’s record. Early applications to US universities have resulted in girls with offers from Brown (1), UChicago (1), MIT (1), Princeton (1), Yale (2) and the UPenn, Huntsman Programme (2). The outcome of regular applications to US universities comes later in the spring. I was prescribed this medicine by a dermatologist. I was searching the Internet and found page http://howmed.net/accutane-isotretinoin/ where I bought Accutane (Isotretinoin) at a very good price. I was taking it for 9 months. Of course, the price was very high, but this was the only chance. I was also taking the protection for the gastrointestinal tract along with the pills. There were a lot of side effects: dry lips and facial skin. There was not enough water in the body, I was always spitting. However, the result on my face was priceless. No medicine can treat you like that. It is necessary to understand that there may be various incomprehensible diseases. After a year, I started having stomach problems, but I took care of it. Then, reproductive system got failure. Girls, remember: it is a very strong drug for use! It is impossible to give birth to a baby during a year after taking the drug! It is written about the period of six months, but that’s not true! The toxins will not be able to get out of the body in such a short period of time. However, the medicine has an excellent quality. Girls applying for medicine are still involved in interviews at medical schools around the country, and the school wishes them all the best.

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