Junior Maths Challenge

July 7, 2020

Kamya, An and Raniya, MIV, participated in this recent Lower School challenge:

The MIV and the UIV got started bright and early to prepare for the Junior Maths Challenge. But with one significant difference – for the first time ever, it took place online! Ahead of us lay 25 tricky maths questions, designed to test our knowledge. It was highly anticipated, an hour-long and really did challenge us, as the name suggests! The questions were fun and stimulating, and really set our minds to work in the morning. Fortunately for us, there was no negative marking this year, meaning that we could attempt all the questions without worrying about our score. Though it wasn’t the same experience as it would be in person and it was a bit difficult to adapt to at first, it was an obstacle that was worth overcoming. Overall, the JMC was brain stimulating and proved a welcome distraction from lockdown.

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