Lungs Theatre Trip

December 4, 2019

Two weeks ago, those studying theatre studies A Level went to the Old Vic to see Duncan Macmillan’s play Lungs, directed by Matthew Warcus. The play centres around a couple, played by Matt Smith and Claire Foy, and their tumultuous lifelong relationship as they navigate life after a tragic event. The production was witty, heartbreaking and politically relevant as it handled the young couple’s responsibility in today’s environmental crisis. As the crisis has consumed mainstream media in the most recent years, the topic often feels as though it is only being engaged with at surface level. However, the piece maintained a balanced and authentic presentation through its fast-paced dialogue, in which the characters confronted their flawed selfish human nature. While their celebrity certainly had an impact on the interpretation of the piece, Smith and Foy ultimately delivered electric performances with undeniable rapport.

Cosima, VIII

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