LV Drama Club

September 29, 2020

Liliani, LV, discusses how it feels to be back in the theatre for this popular weekly club:

LV Drama Club, which takes place every Monday lunchtime, is so much fun and everyone who goes really enjoys it. Every week we play drama and improv games, like the rule game (which we are not the best at!) and the party game. These are really exciting and enjoyable, not to mention they improve our improv skills tremendously, and I know everyone really looks forward to each session. The rule game, one of the new games Ms Boulton has introduced to us, is one of my favourites. In the game, someone goes out of the room, and everyone else has to come up with a rule (for example, every time an answer starts with an “s”, everyone sits down). The person outside then returns and must guess ‘the rule’ by asking questions, and seeing what people do in response. This game proved to be really hard on the questioner, but overall it was very fun! I’m so happy that we can do LV Drama Club every week despite new Covid-19 restrictions. 

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