LV Team-Building Day

September 28, 2020

The LV recently enjoyed a team-building day as they settled back into school life. Alexandra, LV, updates us on the day’s activities:

We made yearbook pages on the theme of ‘aspirations for the future’, filled with photos, inspirational quotes and drawings. We also made our own little quilt squares that were different colours and made out of felt. We used fabric pens to draw on different designs and borders and flags that are related to our heritage; I drew a cherry blossom tree with the English, German and Japanese flags. For the second half of the day, the LV played fun games like wink wink murderer (pictured) and buzzy bees. During Periods 7 and 8 we had a fun year-wide quiz, in which we were provided with facts about people and had to guess who they were referring to. Overall, we had so much fun and hope that the next LV will also get the opportunity to have a LV team-building day. 

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