Maths Competition Success

June 22, 2020

We were delighted to hear about the success of SPGS teams in a recent American maths competition. Rikki, Pippa, Freja and Yoon Jin, VII, discuss their team’s experience in the competition:

Over the half term, seven teams from our school participated in an online maths puzzle competition for girls and non-binary students organised by university students in America. Overcoming the initial setback of a server crash on the first day, we tried everything we could think of for the next 48 hours to solve a series of 21 puzzles of varying difficulty. The puzzles required significant creativity and were often based on female scientists, so we learned a lot about often underrepresented but very interesting women who contributed to STEM. After a weekend of hard work, we emerged tied for first, eventually winning the competition on percentage accuracy, announced in an exciting Zoom closing ceremony. We’d like to congratulate all the other teams involved (two teams achieved joint 7th and another team 21st) and we’d also like to thank interGIRLS for their hard work and challenging problems.

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