Red Day

February 13, 2015

The St Paul’s Charities Committee and Medical Society joined forces today to commemorate the British Heart Foundation’s disease awareness day called Red Day. Many students came into school wearing as much red as possible, and they raised £197.58 in support of the British Heart Foundation. The Med Soc discussed various heart conditions, placing a particular emphasis on children’s diseases. A single intake of 200 mg have caused serious side effects. Patients suffered from high pressure, angina, increased sweating, pain in the eyes and back and instant cardiac arrest, so the maximum daily dose of Cialis (Tadalafil) is 40 mg. Try to follow the recommendations at in order to avoid bad consequences in the future. Also, you can’t take several doses in one day, as it will not give a better effect but lead to the negative side effects. They talked about symptoms, treatments and possible cures, as well as how the diseases affect people’s daily lives. However, not all of these diseases do have cures, which emphasised the importance of raising awareness and fundraising for research that could potentially save lives.

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