MIV CS&CT Filmmaking Experience

June 22, 2020

The MIV were in for a treat as they attended an online filmmaking course, provided by the Young Film Academy. Francesca, MIV, tells us more:

During the filmmaking day we covered many topics, including areas such as film history, fight choreography, and camera angles. We also learned many surprising facts about legendary movies, such as Singing in the Rain – in the famous scene where the main character is dancing in the rain, we found out that the street it was filmed on was a prop specifically made for the movie! As well as learning about these topics, we got to implement them in the filmmaking task we were set. We had to create a short 10-shot film choosing from five themes we were provided with: a criminal who wants revenge, someone on the run, true love, hero and villain or a kidnapping. Overall, we learned many things, ranging from the amazing world of props and behind the scenes of movies to famous directors and their films. Thank you so much to the computer science and creative technology department for making this event possible!

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