MIV Induction

September 11, 2020

Our new Year 7 students have had a very unusual start to their time at St Paul’s. Here Katya and Romilly, MIV, tells us more about their first day joining the school:

After an unusual summer holiday and end to primary school, we woke up to the pleasant realisation; it was our first day at St Paul’s! With a bit of direction, we found our classrooms and went into meet our new classmates and form tutors. We immediately felt at home and were told everything we needed to know – from what we need to bring to school to how amazing the lunches are. We then went to the sports hall to be welcomed by the High Mistress. When we took class photos, we didn’t have to be asked to smile, we already were. After learning all about pre-season training and sport, we were taken on a tour of the school and shown all our classrooms. Before we knew it, the induction day had ended, and it was home time. We were all excited to return the next day and start lessons!

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