MIV Internal Debating Event

January 25, 2021

It was an exciting start to the Spring term for our youngest debaters! 26 MIV (Year 7) students participated in a new SPGS internal debating event run via Zoom by Imogen Edwards-Lawrence, one of our regular debating coaches, and under the expert guidance of VI and VII (Years 11 and 12) debaters. This made a total of 51 Paulina debaters active in one day – a record number. Anyaa, MIV, talks us through the day:
In the morning, Imogen explained how to give effective rebuttals and we were put into breakout rooms to practise ‘rebuttal tennis’ (back and forth rebuttals). Later, Imogen went over how to structure a good speech and what makes a strong conclusion/whip speech. After a lunch break, everyone participated in two interesting debates. This allowed us to practise the techniques that we had learnt and put them into play. Overall, it was a very fun and informative day.

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