MIV Team-Building Day

September 28, 2020

Zehra, MIV, tells us about their recent bonding day:

We arrived at the fields, everyone immersed in chatter regarding the exciting day that awaited us. Mr Bennett explained that we would experience five amazing team-building activities. First up was blu-tac boats. We had twenty minutes as a class to create a boat and try to make it hold as many freddo chocolate bars as possible. It was great fun experimenting with different shapes, sizes and quantities, and at the end of the activities we found the record was seven chocolates! Next was the plank walk, a great exercise to practise following instructions and working as a team to improve and guide those needing help. Soon after we headed over to Miss Collins. Everyone had to close their eyes and hold on to a piece of the rope while one person with their eyes open instructed everyone to try and form a specific shape. This involved trust, thinking as one and patience and I think we created the shapes pretty well. We then made our way towards a colourful, cone-scattered area where we played explosive hungry hippos, an exercise requiring trust, focus and attentiveness. Last but by no means least we had the marble race, where everyone holding a piece of piping had to align themselves in some sort of order, without speaking, with the aim of getting a ball through the piping. After completing all these fun activities, we headed back to school, where we had a series of puzzles and problems to work out on the lawn. We then made our way back to the field to enjoy a wonderful picnic in the heat with our friends.

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