Music Junction

December 17, 2019

A group of Paulinas and Paulines, accompanied by members of the music department, are currently participating in a Music Junction project with musicians from the London Chamber Orchestra and vocal ensemble Apollo5. Here, Jai, VII, explains more about the project:

Music Junction is an incredible project which aims to bring together young people from varied socio-economic backgrounds through musical education. During the most recent stage of the project, we performed and ran workshops with two primary schools in Pimlico, Churchill Gardens and Millbank Academy. We performed three pieces to the incredibly excited children, including ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Parasitic Worm’, composed by our very own Composer-in-Residence Dr Hughes. We then assisted in workshops where they could choose instruments (including their voices!) to trial. It was incredible to perform for and engage with such enthusiastic young children, who were so eager to answer questions and have a chance to play the instruments. The children will now have further workshops to prepare for a joint performance with the LCO, Apollo5 and St Paul’s musicians in May. We are very grateful to the music department, LCO and Apollo5 for enabling us to be part of such a rewarding and enjoyable project!

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