St Paul’s at Orielton

July 1, 2017

The VII biologists took a trip to Orielton Field Centre, Pembrokeshire, to gain a new perspective on the various aspects of ecology and learn how to observe and collect data on flora and fauna in situ. From investigating how ivy leaves vary with distance from footpaths to observing how fully-fledged ecosystems can emerge from nothing but bare ground, the trip was jam-packed with a unique and diverse learning experience. Fun highlights included crab-hunting on the shores of Wales, visiting the film site of Dobby’s death in the final Harry Potter film, and of course a ‘spectacular’ display of seabirds (including a myriad of puffins) and their various behaviours off the coast. They all learned a great deal about ecology and conservation, and returned with a wealth of academic content (and definitely some sunburn!).

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