Partnerships: Forming a Powerful Alliance

June 22, 2020

As we approach the end of the summer term, with some pupils having minimal interaction with teachers, more and more of our online lectures have been opened up to students from other schools. In the last two weeks, more than five lectures (from science to religion, and from the environment to psychology and philosophy) were attended by over 120 local students who also engaged in the lively questions and discussions that followed. 

The West London Partnerships has successfully launched its first event ahead of the official launch in September with a virtual Entrepreneurship Programme. Eight teams from seven schools will put together a socially or environmentally-responsible business concept perhaps, but not necessarily, solving an issue related to COVID-19. All groups will receive an Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, online advice from successful entrepreneurs, and one-to-one mentorship from graduates from last year’s course. VIP judges will assess the best entries and award prizes. The project’s marketing video can be found here. 

In the pipeline is a summer school run by Imperial graduates who specialise in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The programme will run for three hours a week for eight weeks over the summer holidays and is aimed at those in VII and who are particularly interested in this subject

As a direct response to Covid-19, and in line with what girls have done whilst volunteering in the past, 30 Paulinas have put themselves forward to be ‘buddies’ to students from schools in the West London Partnership and beyond. A staggering 115 students from 12 schools who have applied for places at top universities have asked to take part. This project was instigated by Thamima and Maddie in the VIII and is a great example of Paulinas thinking about, and acting on, ideas of how we can work with others during this unusual time. 

Leigh O’Hara, Director of Partnerships

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