Partnerships Update

June 8, 2020

Alongside our ongoing support with the staffing of a foodbank we are delighted to report that the school kitchen is now open, with volunteers from our catering team preparing over 150 hot lunches per day. Food is being delivered to various locations including four care homes, two schools, a project for homeless people, a food bank and NHS prison staff. 

Following successful fundraising, over 50 electronic devices and educational materials have been purchased for young people in families who were struggling accessing remote learning, with more plans to find new homes for our redundant classroom electronic boards within the community.   

Times like this encourage collaboration and we have formed a network of schools through the developing West London Partnership, through which we are sharing ideas, online sessions and making connections between departments across south and south-west London. Some Paulinas have initiated a ‘buddying’ model for the VII to work together with students from other schools on academic work and university application preparation. We also continue to invite other schools to talks and virtual events and to explore access to other virtual resources. All this sits alongside the amazing things that individuals are doing at home, from 3D printing of PPE to running marathons! 

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