Paulina Lacrosse Players Excel

September 25, 2016

Victoire in the VI should be congratulated on being selected for the prestigious Lacrosse National Academy.  After several years of training with the Regional Academy at weekends, she  joined the U19 England Tour in the USA this summer and was chosen as a player in the U19/U17 National Academy programme. From this programme players can be chosen to represent England by competing on the U19 and U17 National Teams for the annual Home International Tournament and the next World Cup in 2019.

Futhermore, Isobel (LV), Celeste (V) and Elinor (VI) have all been accepted into the Welsh U19 Development Programme. This is a fantastic achievement for all three girls, but particularly for Isobel who is considerably younger than the rest of the squad. They will be working towards being selected to Home International teams this year and the U19 World Cup team over the next two years.

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