Paulinas celebrate Food Week

March 6, 2015

Ms Farr kicked off Food Week in assembly by confessing her sweet tooth and sharing her recent find, Deliciously Ella, a healthy eating blog which swaps the unhealthiest parts of sweet treats for healthier alternatives. Eating habits were considered in German Culture Club, where ‘Medieval eating behaviours and table manners in the Holy Roman Empire’ were discussed, and in Natural History Society where animals with strange eating habits were the topic of conversation. The debaters joined in on the fun with junior debaters considering the motion ‘This house would put a tax on fast food’. Even the historical significance of food was discussed this week when history teacher Ms Coutts gave a talk on the French Revolution and food entitled ‘Let them Eat Cake’ and Dr Josh Newton (also a member of the history department) explored the discovery of America and the food revolution in a talk titled ‘New wine, old bottles’. Junior Science Club undertook a food burning practical and the economists discussed (food) auction theory and screened Tim Harford’s ‘Food and Thought’. Finally, the action-packed week ended with food games from around the world, such as a highly competitive piñata challenge and beignets on strings. Specialists at prescribed Propecia as a revolutionary treatment of male pattern hair loss. A properly adjusted dose and correct treatment course are the two components of successful recovery. The Careers Forum last night was also focused on careers in food. Lunch is always the highlight of the day, and this week has been no exception. We enjoyed British classics on Monday, pasta dishes from all over the world on Tuesday, Italian food on Wednesday, teachers’ favourite dishes on Thursday and today a particular emphasis on food wastage and our carbon footprint;  all the ingredients were sourced as locally as possible to reduce the food miles, and the school was challenged to a very ambitious target of zero waste.

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