Remote Co-Curricular

May 4, 2020

Our remote co-curricular timetable is now in full swing, with a wide range of activities and clubs on offer. From debating to reading groups, platform concerts to yoga, students are taking the opportunity to be adventurous and enjoy exploring these activities.

In tech in textiles, for example, students have enjoyed learning about different solutions to the issue of fast fashion and how to make easily bio-degradable fabric for clothing. Next week they will be growing small tester bits of bio-fabric using things like agar and glycerol! In chess club students have been receiving Zoom lessons from International Master, Lorin D’Costa, where they talk about different techniques and analyse games that have happened in world championships, as well as playing matches against each other online. In the Russian speaking circle, Russian native speakers and learners meet in a fortnightly informal group for conversation and word games. All these clubs and more can be found on the remote co-curricular hub on the student portal.

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