Russian Cultural Trip to Moscow

January 22, 2020

Over the Christmas holidays, a number of students from the LV had the privilege of spending a week in the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. Here Sita, Viola and Francesca, all LV, describe their trip:

From visiting important cultural landmarks such as the Kremlin, Hermitage, St Catherine’s Palace and Dostoevsky’s final apartment to shopping in traditional Russian markets and sampling authentic borscht soup, the trip was an excellent introduction to the rich culture and history of Russia. Particular highlights included watching a wonderful production of ‘The Nutcracker’ in the Kremlin Theatre, visiting various cathedrals and an exclusive tour of the Bolshoi Theatre where they were rehearsing the opera ‘Boris Godunov’, to name but a few. We also had the opportunity to meet Russian dancers of our age who are studying English at our Moscow Skype exchange school. Overall the trip was a fantastic experience and we would like to recommend it strongly to everyone interested in Russian culture, history and language.

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