School Play 2020

December 1, 2020

And that’s a wrap on the School Play 2020! This year our annual production took the form of a digital theatre festival, featuring three innovative plays specially adapted for screen: Fabric Scissors, Did I Say This Right? and A Christmas Carol. From learning how to master Zoom theatre to constructing a verbatim theatre piece using actual interviews with parents and students, from experimenting with special effects to exploring physical theatre, all three plays were a celebration of creativity and dedication. Below, V student Prisha describes the process of rehearsing a play entirely online…

Fabric Scissors, written by Ms Swithinbank, was originally meant to be a monologue but it was adapted to become a short play that we could perform as a group. Over lockdown, Evolve rehearsed and prepared the piece, using a variety of virtual backgrounds, costumes and angles to create a short play with 16 members from both the V and LV. It was definitely a challenge for both the year groups to work together because of our current year group bubbles, so we are very grateful to Ms Turner for organising Evolve and putting in so much hard work! It was really fun and we all enjoyed collaborating with each other.

And Ayoka, VI, participated in a re-imagined version of traditional play A Christmas Carol:

Over the past few weeks, a group of the VI have been working alongside Ms Turner to produce a filmed adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It was definitely a challenge not being able to put on a normal production but everyone embraced the new format wholeheartedly and we all found creative ways to adapt to the restrictions. We were able to use techniques that wouldn’t necessarily be used in a play, such as a wind machine and the use of narration and voiceover. It was such an amazing experience and we’re all so grateful we were able to produce anything at all considering COVID regulations, and the outcome looked amazing.

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