Science Week 2015

March 20, 2015

Science Week came with its true assemblage of wild and wacky experiments! From making cloud chambers and lava lamps, to dropping egg parachutes and creating glowing goo, the full scope of scientific experimentation was explored at lunchtime, students often forgetting how much clean-up was required at the end. Girls in the MIV to the V had an action-packed programme in their science lessons too, including a unique hands-on rainforest workshop delivered by Ranger Phil and his giant African millipede and tarantula friends. The more meditative students enjoyed gazing at the stars in the Auriga Stardome, a visiting inflatable planetarium set up in the school’s Great Hall, whilst others attended Explosion Society or tried the very popular custard-walking challenge. And, as if all of that weren’t special enough, students and staff alike were even treated to the (rather cloudy) solar eclipse this morning.

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