Senior Art Exhibition 2016

May 13, 2016

The private view of the Senior Art Exhibition took place in the Great Hall on 10 May. The exhibition brought together the A level artists, their families, friends and teachers in a fitting celebration of their work over the last two years. As ever, the work exhibited was hugely imaginative in subject and varied in its choice of medium; however, it was evident that ideas of the temporal and fleeting had been influential on the studio. Christina Carrafiell presented a film of a dissolving terracotta bust; works by Orla Quilligan and Kea De Buretel considered Surrealist ideas related to dreams, and Julia Zervos and Natalya Falconer both reimagined ‘the sublime’. Dalia Lister created the sensation of falling through an ambitious mirrored installation on the Marble, while Lucy McIlgorm’s photographic series challenged preconceptions about the nature of photography. A wide range of work from the exhibition can be seen here.

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