Senior Scholarship 2015

November 9, 2015

Many congratulations to the five winners of this year’s Senior Scholarship:

Julia Edsparr – ‘Potentially hazardous: the orbit determination of Near-Earth Asteriod 4183 Cuno’
Emma Fox – ‘Higher dimensions: a program to visualise hypercubes in R5’
Eleanor Gibbon – ‘Building a microbial fuel cell: how I made electricity from sludge’
Georgia Sandars – ‘Anticipating aggression: do captive chacma baboons groom more than normal before their expected feeding time?’
Isabelle Stuart – ‘“April is the cruellest month”: regeneration in The Wasteland’

You can read their pieces by clicking on their names. Eleanor Winn should also be congratulated for her highly commended submission, as should Toby Freedman, Louie Iselin and Jude Lewis whose entries were shortlisted.

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