SPEAC Round-Up

July 7, 2020

Courtenay, VII, summaries SPEAC’s activities throughout this busy and unusual year:

What an active year this has been for SPEAC! Our 14-strong team added to our now comprehensive Terracycle and mixed recycling collections around school, further developed our West London Schools Eco-Partnership, and has been instrumental in forming the new London Schools Eco-Network, which recently organised an MP email campaign calling for a green economic recovery from Coronavirus and got a name check in NEU magazine Educate’s feature article this month! Our Virtual Green Week (in the first week of lockdown) was a resounding success, particularly our whole-school eco survey and live Q&A, and we felt it also acted to bring the school together at a time when we all felt extremely isolated. We’ve been emailing out weekly eco-bulletins throughout the year, given several assemblies and recently started up a weekly eco-discussion group, joined by students from other schools. We ended the year with a special London Schools Eco-Network screening and discussion of the uplifting film 2040. Thank you so much to the SPEAC year reps for all their help and ideas, and most of all to Dr Tipton for being a fantastic leader! We look forward to mentoring the new SPEAC team from September as they prepare for a Youth Climate Summit in November (deadline for the logo design competition is 15 July!) and hope to see some of you at the BIG Climate Teach-In this Saturday.Courtenay, VII

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