SPGS Internal Debating Competition

November 16, 2020

Debating prides itself on achieving links across the year groups, which has been harder than usual this year! Our solution was an internal online competition with teams from different year groups. It was also a way of introducing our UIV to British Parliamentary debating as they embark on senior competitions. Congratulations to the UIV girls, who all achieved a high standard at their first BP event. Hina, UIV, writes, “last Saturday, the internal SPGS debating competition took place for the UIV to the VII. Younger debaters were paired with an experienced older debater- this was an invaluable experience, both in terms of getting to know people in older years and developing new skills as debaters. One of the many highlights of the day was a spectacular Kahoot quiz designed by Kitty and Alex, VII, which made us all laugh.” Christiane, LV, adds “Not only did we learn so much from our partners, from the skills required to personal style, but being paired with a team member of a different year group allowed us to interact with those students that we did not have a chance to before. Congratulations to Kitty, VII, and Francesca, UIV, for doing an excellent job in winning the whole competition. Well done to everyone else as well, for bringing wonderful and compelling arguments to their side and showing the great amount of talent our school has in the art of debating.”

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