Students involved in leading scientific research

May 26, 2021

On Sunday 23 May, Mae, Laetitia, Teresa, Romilly (MIV), Allegra, Chloe (UIV) and Melissa (LV) were involved in the latest scientific research into aerosol transmission and singing. The research project, known as PERFORM (ParticulatE Respiratory Matter to InForm Guidance for the Safe Distancing of PerfOrmeRs in a COVID-19 PandeMic), is supported by Public Health England and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It is headed up by Professor Pallav Shah from Imperial College London and ENT surgeons Declan Costello and Natalie Watson (OP).

Each singer had to perform a series of vocal exercises (speaking and singing) during which measurements were collected from a number of particle detectors to determine the size and quantity of the particles that are released during the exercises. The researchers will also look at the effects of these activities in an indoor environment, with defined air change rates, versus an unventilated empty space.

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