Summer Play – Treasure Island

June 30, 2016

A cast drawn from the MIV to V finished their three-night run of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island, last night. The story revolves around Jim Hawkins, a young boy who comes into the possession of a treasure map. With the help of pirates, he attempts to seek out these hidden riches, of course with a few obstacles along the way. Even the audience weren’t safe as the sword-fighting swashbucklers incorporated individuals into their band of reprobates, most notably encouraging them to aid the male vs female tug of war, which naturally, the females dominated; perhaps a premonition of future political leadership. With parrot puppets, skeleton shenanigans and a musical number about cheese (composed by Bernard Hughes), every audience member left with gunshots ringing in their ears. Lydia Free (LV) spoke on behalf of the cast, saying ‘we were sad to see the end of this journey, from a simple script to the dynamic spectacle it became in performance week. The rehearsal process was long, but enjoyable, especially the masterclass on stage fighting from a stunt team!’.

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