Talk on Rare Species Conservation

January 22, 2020

We were very pleased to welcome leading endangered species conservationist Rodney Pietsch from New South Wales in Australia to speak on the current wildfires decimating the forests and posing a serious threat to many species endemic to Australia. Here Alice, V, reflects on the talk:

During the talk, Mr Pietsch touched on his career, which has involved working on behalf on the Australian government to monitor the koala populations and investigate their habits in order to help conserve them. Initiatives put in place by Pietsch include covering bridges over roads with plants to create a walkway that allows koalas to cross safely, thereby minimising roadkill. Mr Pietsch spoke on current conservation methods in Australia, and suggested that despite the loss of many species of plants and animals as a result of the fires, there is hope for the forests once the fires stop as many plants are able to grow back quickly. We were very fortunate to hear from an environmental expert and the talk left us pondering the environmental challenges to come.

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